Thursday, October 15, 2009

Billy Currington: Ten Great Songs


Billy Currington

This is just a little break from some of the heavier, more serious essays I have been publishing lately. Even old theologians need a break now and then. But don't fret. I am going to publish a series of essays here soon that I have been writing for inclusion in a book I have decided to work on. So I will be asking you to put on your thinking caps again soon enough. Today I am suggesting you just relax and enjoy a great young musical talent: country singer/songwriter Billy Currington.

I have listened to country music almost my entire life. I seldom listen to modern country music because so much of it is not really country at all. There are so many "cross over" artists from Pop and Rock that it is pretty rare when a genuine new country talent arises. And if it were not for Mike Rodgers putting a YouTube video of one of Billy's songs on Mike's latest post I would have missed hearing this one.

But I am glad Mike did, because Billy Currington is the genuine article. He has a pure country voice that reminds me of a young George Strait. He has three albums to date, one in 2003, one in 2005, and his last in 2008. A little background on him is found here.

If country music isn't your thing, well, I will try to understand, but won't really be able to! ;-) So just give the first song or two a chance and see if you can't be pursuaded.

Sit back now, put on the headphones, or a good set of speakers, and listen to one who is going to be around a long, long time. Open OS in another tab and go about your business; that is if you can keep your mind off the music and that pure country voice. Country has a winner here, folks.

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Thanks again, Mike.
I hope you all enjoy this music.