Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Ten Commandments Essays

Hi, most of you know that I am not very active on this blog any more. Other priorities have prevailed. However, I keep it open because it contains most of the best of my writings on Open Salon, which now is closed and cannot be accessed any longer. So this blog serves as a storage repository on the web for those writings. But since the posts are not sorted by category, finding a specific post is a hassle.

For those looking for the final half of the series "The Exodus and the 10 Commandments" which I originally posted on Open Salon it is awkward in this format to get to them. But it can be done. Go to the list of posts in the left hand column here. Scroll to the year 2009. Then go to November 12. The first of the essays on the Commandments is there. Then after reading that blog entry, scroll upward through the dates until the next one in the series appears, etc. They are all there but it is a hassle to get to them. If I can find the time I will try to pull them all together later this year and post them as a single blog here. But I can't say when that will happen.  Sorry.  But the next weeks are pretty well committed by me to other things. If you want a copy of the essay on any particular Commandment, send me an email to montecanfield@gmail.com and I will try to get that to you promptly.

God bless, Monte.